I see my doula practice as a privilege to provide non-judgmental and continuous care to women and their partner during pregnancy, labor and childbirth. I enjoy supporting women through their birth experience no matter what their wishes are. I tailor my approach to your needs and to fit the birth concept that you have in mind and have experience with hospital and home birth. I have supported first, second, third-time moms as well as VBACs.

I believe that preparing for your birth is important. Through education, coaching, exercising, optimal baby positioning, we work together as a team to get ready for your big day!

When you look back at your birth experience a few weeks after you have delivered and no matter how your baby came into this world, I'd love for you to feel empowered.

Should you feel that you need them, I also provide breathing techniques and relaxation tools. These tools will help you be more calm and mindful during your pregnancy. In anticipation of your labor, they have shown to help lower anxiety and make you more confident in your abilities. During labor and birth, they are valuable assets to rely on should you be aiming for an unmedicated birth. They will also serve you for the years beyond as you navigate through parenthood.  

No matter where you are in your childbirth journey, it would be a privilege to support you with care, dedication, and compassion and to bring my trust in childbirth and in women's abilities to your birth.